• A young pregnant woman Maro Guloyan. Her husband's family insists that she committed suicide, but the bruises from the fingers on her neck speak for themselves.
  • 20-year-old Mariam Gevorgyan.
My mother in law would tell me to do my laundry
with black soap
and if I wasn't done with it in two minutes
she would beat me constantly afterwards.
She would use the rolling pin,
her work tools,
and the metal ladle
that eventually broke my nose.

They hit my head so much
that I could feel my head vibrating,
it was like a balloon
and when I did it like this
it was like there was water in my head moving this way and that way.
  • She would stand me in front of the mirror
and tell me to look at myself,
how I looked like the devil.
  • The whole village in one big bus came to support her to protest in front of the presidential house in Yerevan
  • I wanted to cut my finger
and write on the wall
(we had white walls)
this was what you wanted?
and made suicide...
  • The wall from one woman's parent's house.
  • There was an engagement party.
He came with his parents.
It was him,
his mother,
his brother’s wife.
That’s how I ended up going.
  • Marie's mother and siblings.
  • A new married couple is being photographed and a mother-in-low is looking at them.
  • When you are under psychological press
like drug addicts who don't understand what's going on
this psychological abuse is so strong
that is affects not only your subconscious but conscious also

and you slowly surrender
and you don't understand how you gradually degrade
I did not look like myself
and only after this I realized why I had not looked at myself in the mirror
because I could see that it was not me
She was the woman
he saw
but it was not me
  • When an Armenian girl is born
she becomes a princess,
the family's princess,
since the father considers her as such.
When she gets married
she becomes something like
a servant.
  • There have been many bad days.
It hasn’t been one day
or two days.
It was six years of those bad days everyday.
Can you imagine there wasn’t a day
that I would go to sleep with dry eyes.

And the last thing was
that he beat me so badly
that my hipbone broke,
my nose broke and I got a concussion.
In other words
I wasn’t able to get out of bed for four days
so that I could even go to the doctor.
And he wouldn’t let me out of the house
so that no one would see what he had done to me.
He was afraid.
  • Often kids are being witnesses.
  • Well,
at that time we were young.
One day we fought over something,
and then we ended up making up.

It was whatever grandpa said.
He would work anywhere
and do anything to bring home some money.
And I would work at home,
raise the kids,
and cook the food.
I was a housewife.
That’s how it was back then.
  • I served my mother-in-law well.
Whenever there was something really good to eat,
I would take it to her first.
I would think to myself
that she was an older and sick woman.
She was bedridden and dependent on us.
  • An old woman, according to her, was bitten by her daughter-in-low. In Armenia, after boys are married, usually they continue to live with their parents. Often this ends up with conflict.
  • The first women's voice who was heard publicly was a young orphan woman named Zaruhi Petrosyan.  She was killed by her mother-in-law and husband in 2011.

Thanks to the help of Coalition to Stop Violence against Women, it was the first time that society was disturbed. Zaruhi's sister spoke loudly about violence only after Zaruhi died, and social awareness on domestic violence has increased. Her husband has been sentenced.
  • A young pregnant woman Maro was a mother of one kid.
  • Funeral of Maro.