Stories of Kirov Oblast

Kirov Oblast


Kirov Oblast (Russian: Ки́ровская о́бласть, Kirovskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). Its administrative center is the city of Kirov.

The Kirov region is situated in the central-eastern part of the European Russia, stretching for 570 km from the north to the south and for 440 km from the west to the east. The total area of region’s territory in its modern borders is 120,8 thousand sq. km.

The region takes advantage of its location at the crossing of trade routes. Railways main lines are crossing the region, connecting the centre of Russia with the Urals, Siberia and Far East, and also with the southern regions. Waterways - the river Vyatka and its tributaries, which stretch for more than 2 thousand km, lead the region to the Baltic, White, Kaspian, Azof and Black Seas. The system of roads, the largest from which is the highway of federal importance Saint-Petersburg - Moscow -Ekaterinburg, connects the region with fts neighbouring regions.

The major natural resources of Vyatka are forests, mainly consisting of coniferous kinds of timber, they cover more than 60 % of the territory. In reserve of the forest Kirov region is one of the most richest regions in the European part of Russia Merchantable wood and lumber are exported to a great number of countries of the world. From time immemorial the forests of Vyatka are famous for great reserves of medicinal herbs, mushrooms, berries and game. The region is reach on mineral waters and medicinal mud. On its base the well-known health resorts “Nizhne-Ivkino”, “Vуatskiуe Uvaly”, sanatorium “Kolos” were built.

The great value have the deposits of mineral materials - ferrous and copper ore, peat, non-ore mineral raw materials: limestone, marl, gravel, glass-making sand and clay, used in porcelain and faience manufacture. On balance of the region there are 14 deposits of carbonate rocks. In some areas of the region the large bitumen shales were found. New technologies in output and thermal processing of these raw materials allow to get not only electric power, but also clear petroleum products, bitumen, rare kinds of oil, medicine and buildings materials.

Advantageous location, reserves of mineral and vegetable raw materials determine the diversity of the region’s economy. Chemical and petrochemical industries, power industry, machine-building and wood-working industries, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy are developed in Vyatka.

Material production is based upon enterprises of defense-industrial complex. In the new economic conditions the largest plants of the region managed to profile and directed the part of their facilities to production of consumer goods, retaining its leading positions. Stock Company “Electrical Machine-Building Plant named in honour of Lepse”, Vyatka State Machine-Building Enterprise “Avitek”, Novovyatsky Machine-Building Plant and others actively master the new kinds of modern products.

Among the largest enterprises of the region are Stock Company “Belokholunizky Plant”, producing the conveyors of all kinds for the metallurgy and chemical plants, for construction and agriculture; plant “Krasny Instrumentalshchik” - an unique producer of measuring gauges; Kirovsky Machine-Building Plant named in honour of the 1st of May - the largest plant in Russia, producing special equipment for construction and maintenance of railway.

The enterprises of ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy achieve a good pace of work in many respects thanks to large-scale technical re-equipment. Omutninsky Metallurgy Plant holds a firm position in the country in manufacture of special metal profiles, including lifting guides. The building of gas-main Yar - Omutninsk, with the length 53 km, being carried on, will provide Omutninsky Metallurgy Plant to go over to gas, what will allow to produce high-quality alloyed steel.

Among leading enterprises in woodprocessing are the plant “Krasny yakor” in the city of Slobodskoy, Novovyatsky plant of wood-processing. The products of furniture companies “Styling”, “Vyatskaya Krona”. “Furniture Wood-Processing Plant” are always much in demand of customers. The enterprise “MZ-5”. specializing in upholstered furniture, was honoured by high awards, including international.

The enterprises of food and manufacturing industries take more and more noticeable part. Many enterprises have modernized their production, have installed modern equipment, produced in Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden. The products of Kirov enterprises don’t give up, and sometimes excel the western analogues not only in quality, but also in outward appearance. Products of Kirovsky Margarine Plant with trademark “Zdrava”, Kirovsky Dairy Plant, Kirov Meat-Processing Plant got admission at all-Russian and international exhibitions. At the international trade forums in London and Brussels the products of Open Joint Stock Company “Slobodskoу Spirit-Vodka Plant” got gold and silver medals.

In agriculture the large and middle agriculture enterprises of various specialization dominate. Many agriculture enterprises have broadened their spheres of activities, have integrated the production, processing, sale, agroservice. Predominating branches of agriculture are:

growing of rye and potatoes
Meat and diary industries
Producing of beer
Producing of honey
Processing of grains, flax, potato, mushrooms and berries
Since the ancient times Vyatka has been famous for its fur trade. Fur company “Metako” is more than 100 years old. One of the largest factories in Russia “Belka” and comparatively young firm “Kalinka” demonstrate annually their collections in Germany, Italy, France and at the prestigeous exhibitions in Russia and always with a success.

The Kirov region has an unique scientific potential. The applied scientific is highly developed here. The list of scientific institutions speaks for the intensity of scientific researches conducted in the region -Institute of Microbiology and Volgo-Vyatsky Centre of Applied Biotechnology, institututes of forestry, research institute of hunting and fur-farming, zonal research institute of agriculture of North-East, research institute of haematology and blood transfusion, research institute of computer technologies. All named institutions have modern experimental and production basis. which allows to introduce scientific developments into production rapider.

The Kirov region has unique potentials for cultural co-operation and tourism. There are about 1 000 libraries, among them - one of the oldest libraries of the country - regional scientific library named in honour of A.I. Hertzen; 3 theatres, 35 museums, among them one of the leading museums of the country - Regional Art Museum named in honour of brothers Vasnetsovs; Cabinet of Curiosities, Philharmonic Concert Hall, Organ Hall in Alexanrovsky Roman Catholic church. On the territory of the region there are about 1 000 monuments of history and culture, the architectural monuments of the VII millenium B.C. were well preserved. The programme of restoration of valuable monuments of church architecture of XVIII-XIX centuries, is conducted.