Stories of Ivanovo Oblast

Ivanovo Oblast


Ivanovo Oblast (Russian: Ива́новская о́бласть, Ivanovskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an oblast). Its three largest cities are Ivanovo (the administrative center), Kineshma, and Shuya. Population: 1,061,051 (2010 Census).

The principal center of tourism is Plyos. The Volga River flows through the northern part of the oblast.

The Ivanovo region has the highest ratio of women to men in Russia, a legacy of the Soviet textile mills that imported female workers from across the country. The city of Ivanovo, Known as “the city of Brides” once helped marriage bureaus recruit young women for foreign spouses, is now enticing residents to stay and raise families, which is fueling a baby boom as Russia struggles to stem a population decline. (Bloomberg)


Industry in Ivanovo Region is subdivided into several main sectors, including light, chemical and petrochemical, food, forest, peat, engineering and metalworking, power, and building material industries. The primary and most developed sector is light industry, made up of the clothing, knitting, textile, and shoe industries. Companies in this sector employ half of the region’s industrial workers. The textile industry, which began developing in the last quarter of the 17th century, is of fundamental importance. Textile companies in the region produce half of Russia’s textiles.

Engineering occupies an important place in the region’s industry. Engineering companies manufacture mobile cranes, looms and machine tools, excavators, combing machinery, instrumentation, and car components. The woodworking and pulp and paper industries also make a significant contribution to the regional economy. Forests of the region serve as a source of raw materials for these industries. The food industry produces a variety of goods that are in demand in many Russian regions, as well as abroad, e.g., sausage, mayonnaise, flour, cereals, canned meats and milk, confectionery, pasta, and alcohol.