Daro Sulakauri

Daro Sulakauri was born in the Caucasus nation of Georgia and currently is based in Tbilisi. After obtaining a degree from the Department of Cinematography at the Tbilisi State University, she moved to New York to study photography at the International School of Photography. Before graduating in 2006, she was awarded the John and Mary Phillips Scholarship as well as recognized by the ICP Director’s Fund. Upon finishing, she returned to the Pankisi Gorge in her native Georgia to document one of the Chechen conflict’s hidden narratives in an outpost of refugees who crossed to Georgia from Chechnya and have remained in relative isolation ever since. The project won second place of the Magnum Foundation’s Young Photographer in the Caucasus award in 2009.

She was featured in the American Photography 25 book, Social Documentary’s best of 2008, and received honorable mentions in the PX3 and B&W Awards. Working as a freelancer, she can be contacted for assignments worldwide.