Alexander Chekmenev

Born April 1, 1969, Lugansk, Ukraine.

1990 - 1992 - Studied Photojournalism at Moscow State University.
1993 - Member of the Union of Photo Artists of Russia and in the same year member of the Union of Photographers of the Ukraine.
1994 - 1st prize in the documentary photography contest “Ukrpresfoto” in the “New Names” category.
In 1997 he received an offer to work in the daily newspaper “All-Ukrainian news” and moved to Kiev.
2000 - Winner of the European documentary photography competition in Vevey, Switzerland for his series “Ukrainian passport.”
2000 - One man shows in Poland and Slovakia.
2001 - 3 further shows in Poland and one in Switzerland.
2007 - One man show at the “Irene” gallery, Kiev.
2007 - One man show at the Yagalereya gallery, Kiev.
2008 - One man show at the Yagalereya gallery, Kiev.
2008 - Particpated in the Modern Ukrainian photography group exhibition, House of Photography, Vilnius.
2010 - Donbass series - Exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, Perm, Russia

From childhood I was attracted to pictures of the last century.
In these prints lies time itself.
I was curious to see how people lived then.
And I hope that a hundred years people will be interested to see how we lived.
Everything passes. Photography remains.